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Balloonito's Name

Hey y'all! Some people have been asking me about the name BALLOONITO... well let me tell you something... it took me around a month to come up with that name. I had several nights going around on what name can be catchy, short, one word kind of thing, that didn't include my name, etc.

Back in Honduras, my husband and I had our event company. We did rentals, catering and decoration services. I started "ballooning" quite a few years back and just of what I thought it was done, nothing formal... until last year that I became serious with this business idea and made it real. I attended some in person and online trainings and Balloonito began in my life.

The name comes from Balloon and "bonito" translation pretty in Spanish...

I am grateful for everything in this journey, ups and downs, everything is a learning experience and adds up meeting new people, celebrating life and spreading joy with balloons.

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